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Enable cross-platform UGC and thriving creator communities in your games.

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Mods on every store and device

We're live on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android. Run a modding platform that expands with you, keeping your community united in-game and out. Our user-friendly APIs, SDKs, Unity, and Unreal plugins make it easy to get started, and our developer dashboard does the rest once you are live.

Cross-Platform: Easy setup ~ Ready to go plugins & Tools

You're in Control

Tailored for your players

Access a powerful dashboard with flexible settings for managing, moderating, monetizing, and growing your mod community. Build your community around UGC with web apps and bots for Twitch, Discord and your homepage. Integrate your brand with white label available for studios wanting a custom solution.

Powerful Hosting: You control everything

Analytics & Insight

Detailed UGC Metrics and Insights

Discover the mods that matter, the content types that are trending, who your top creators are, and how many of your players are engaging with mods daily across all the stores your game is released. Run events to encourage creation and showcase your top creators. Let data guide your game development decisions.

Know Your Players: Detailed Analytics and Insights

Modding Since 2002

Our founders built ModDB and have served over half a billion mods. We know user-generated content inside and out.

  • 113 games use daily
  • 208 million mod installs annually
  • 1562 thousand mods created
  • From tiny mods to 5GB total conversions
  • Across 11 platforms & devices
Modding Since 2002

Simple to integrate, a joy to use

Get started with our open-source SDKs and plugins, for projects of all sizes


Easy, pre-built solutions for your engine. Get going fast with Unity, Unreal, GameMaker, or Construct!

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Custom engine? Drop in our open-source SDK for uploading, downloading, & unzip flows via C/C++ function calls.

SDK on Github


Every. Little. Detail. Connect directly to our JSON REST API in-game and out. Great for web apps, bots, hooks.

API Docs
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