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For over 20 years now, modders have made some of the worlds most incredible games like Battle Royle, DotA and Counter-Strike. They've helped countless games like Minecraft, Skyrim, The Sims and Half-Life live on forever with a constant flow of content for players to experience. We believe that mods make every game better and more successful, so we've spent the past few years building mod.io to make it easy for you to support mods on all platforms and stores your game is released.

Open & awesome

Everything mod.io offers is moddable. We believe that your customers are your customers, and don't place restrictions on how you integrate or use mod.io. You can use our UI, trading and user-system, or plugin your own. Our SDK, documentation and design are open source, as are many tools and plugins our community has shared.

Who we are

Since 1998, when mods transformed barren wastelands into lush forests, made our characters cooler and guns shinier, we were hooked. We launched ModDB, worked with some of the largest game franchises on the planet, and watched as billions of gamers joined us. Now our team is dedicated to building the most powerful mod platform on the planet for you to use.

Mod fund


In today's competitive world, we believe mods add more value than ever, and are committed to partnering with, promoting and supporting all games that share our vision. If you require our advice or investment to get started with mods, reach out. Big studios, if you require an in-house solution that accelerates your time to market with a best-in-class product, lets discuss.

Our brand

Use our official logo and colors on your webpage and in game, when referencing your mod.io powered modding solution. Download a ZIP file containing all assets for use.

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