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For over 20 years we've loved mods. In 2002 we launched ModDB.com, and today we are focused on building the ultimate mod platform for developers to integrate. We believe UGC makes every game better, we want to see UGC on all platforms and stores, and help build powerful player creator economies that drives games success.

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Watching your community create content for your game is an incredible feeling. Whether you want your players to share "save files" of scenes or characters they've created, or mod anything - with mod.io it is easy to launch a UGC community. For your developers, getting mods installing in-game using our API, SDK or engine plugins is quick and our team is available to assist every step of the way. Give mod.io a go today - it's free for indies and solutions are available for larger studios.

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Our singular focus is to build the most powerful mod platform on the market. We like to operate as an extension of your team, in-charge of maximising the return a highly successful UGC community can offer your games. Our partners frequently benefit from first-access to the latest trading, discovery and creation technology we have researched. Talk to us to learn more about what sets us apart, and rapidly accelerate your time to market with a best-in-class product.

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Since 1996 when mods transformed barren wastelands into lush forests and made our guns shinier, we were hooked. We launched ModDB, worked with some of the largest game franchises on the planet, and watched as billions of gamers joined us. We believe in the next 10 years UGC is going to massively transform how games are created, consumed and commericalized. We are leading the charge with a platform that gives you access to everything needed to tap into the potential.

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In the last month, 5,116,157 users have downloaded 16,293,126 mods from 114 games.

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Use our official logo and colors on your webpage and in game, when referencing your mod.io powered modding solution. Download a ZIP file containing all assets for use.

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