SDK v2 & Unreal Plugin v2 is available now!

We’re really excited to be releasing the first batch of our second-generation SDKs and plugins. Download them right now!

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Today, we’re announcing the release of the SDK v2 and Unreal Plugin v2 via Github.

We’re really excited to be releasing the first batch of our second-generation SDKs and plugins, building upon the solid foundations and proven technology, enabling game studios to bring mod support to more platforms and devices. We just want to give a huge thank you to our integration team who have worked incredibly hard on this new release, and to our partners who have assisted us with beta testing!

Release Highlights

Both the SDK and Unreal Plugin provide a solution for developers that wraps the service and APIs in a source supplied codebase, allowing both drop-in integration and further customisation.

SDK v2

  • Rebuilt as a modern C++14 codebase, providing an asynchronous, “bring your own thread” interface
  • Optional CMake support for easy integration of the SDK into existing projects, as either a header-only (C++17 compiler required) or split-compilation submodule, or as a static library. Alternatively, export the standalone version of the SDK to integrate into other build systems
  • Cross-platform support for Win32 and Microsoft GDK (Xbox) at launch, with support for all popular consoles and operating systems coming later this year

Unreal Plugin v2

  • Dual-interface implementation wrapping the SDK, with a Blueprint library and configuration options for easy integration without having to touch a single line of code, and full C++ support.

Upgrading & Deprecation

While current integrations with SDK v1 and Unreal Plugin v1 will continue to work, they will no longer be receiving updates and we encourage developers to migrate to SDK v2 or Unreal Plugin v2 where possible, at the earliest opportunity. If you’d like more information or assistance, please reach out to us at

Download Now!

You can grab both our SDK v2 and Unreal Plugin v2 on our GitHub repo now:

If you’d like more information on our SDKs and Plugins, require any assistance migrating, or would like to learn more about integrating into your next project, please feel free to contact us at


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