Creator Rewards Winners!

Each month we shall be updating this post with the winners in the Snowrunner Creator Rewards program.


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Each month the winners of the SnowRunner Creator Rewards Program will be announced here and receive a reward from a combined pool of €2,850. These winners will all receive rewards as described on the rewards program introduction. Players, we hope you continue to enjoy all of the incredible creations below.

August 2021

The August Mod Creator Awards are here! Time to discover the 5 mods that caught the eye of the devs!
Unfortunately we couldn’t choose a Map Design and a Map Environment for this month, so we’ll compensate by giving 4 vehicles awards instead of 2!


RNG MPV Multi Purpose Vehicle by Rng3r

Devs comment: Great looking capable scout truck. We've been surprised with mobile radar implementation, very nice touch.
vehicle award 1.png


Project 20-67 by JohnJohnHotRod

Devs comment: Beautiful visuals, great sounds, fantastic crawling vehicle.
vehicle award 2.png


ZIKZ highway pack by yansors

Devs comment: Beautiful authentic pack of trucks. We loved the variety of unique add-ons, it allows players to complete the whole game using this mod only.
vehicle award 3.png


Tenno T-21 by Poghrim

Devs comment: Fantastic heavy truck. The new crane is simply gorgeous!
vehicle award 4.png


iX 5003 by the iX R&D team, published by PuppyMaster_aka_DW77

Devs comment: If you ever wanted to be able to transport your whole fleet of trucks using just one monster vehicle, this one is your way to go.
Unique award.png

July 2021

Congratulations to the winners! It's always so impressive to see how talented our community is.

We are so grateful to the modders, who contribute to the success of the game, and we're glad we can award top creators with this monthly award. Keep up the good work and your mod may be featured in future Mod Creator Awards!

Vehicle #1

Iceberg101's Delta Patriot
Dev comment: "Another great truck from Iceberg101. This Patriot truck is highly detailed, customizable, and drives perfectly."


Vehicle #2

Gaskellgames' Lupus
Dev comment: "It may be the most diverse mod in terms of customization options in our memory. So many combinations to experiment with!"


Map Design

MADMartinQc's RC Backyard Racetrack
Dev comment: "This map brings back good old memories when we were playing RC games with friends. Great idea, fantastic execution."


Map Environment

DerEggen's Kodar Desert
Dev comment: "Very cool combination of different unique terrains on a single map. And objectives are super interesting to complete."



CanuckRunner's Heritage 54 Ramp Truck
Dev comment: "Pretty cool small old-school evacuator truck. We had a lot of fun experimenting with it."


June 2021

More and more people are getting into mod creation. It's always a pleasure to see how talented the community is.

There are so many amazing mods, and it's always tough to pick the winners.

Vehicle #1

JohnJohnHotRod’s Squarebody Trail Bruiser

Dev comment: “Very well-done pickup truck - highly detailed with lots of customization options. Perfect for rock crawling.”


Vehicle #2

VladSib72’s Type B-601

Dev comment: “We really appreciate mod trucks that fit well in our game, with the rest of our fleet. This mod is a great example of such mods. It's not OP, has very high texture and model quality, and fantastic sounds.”


Map Design

Hashwelder’s Dun Morogh

Dev comment: “We've played this map for a while now, and can say that this map has it all: interesting objectives, challenging tasks, and routes that are very fun to traverse.”


Map Environment

MADMartinQc’s Canadian Runner 02 - The old Volcano

Dev comment: “One of the first high-quality mod maps released for our game. And it still holds perfectly. Kudos to MADMartinQc!”



Rng3r’s RNG TX Bridge Layer

Dev comment: “This is our favorite kind of mods - one that brings a truly new gameplay experience. Fantastic work.”


May 2021

Many people have joined the community now SnowRunner is available on many new platforms. We are so grateful to all modders for sharing their awesome mods with the community.

It's time to discover this month's best mods according to the devs! Hopefully, your mod will also be rewarded in the coming Mod Creator Awards!

Vehicle #1

VladSib72's Type S-100

Dev comment: "This a great homage to a very old French truck. It's the first time we see a parallel cargo load in a mod truck, great idea! Although it may be too huge for some areas in our game, we still love playing around with it".


Vehicle #2

Iceberg101's Delta Hercules Semi Truck

Dev comment: "Beautiful mod with one of the best dashboard views that we've seen in mods. Works perfectly with Delta Semi_Trailer Pack from the same mod creator".


Map Design

Remoh667's Highway Haulin

Dev comment: "Another great mod Remoh667 which is this time mostly focused on transportation on asphalt roads. Great map to play with friends in co-op".


Map Environment

Blood_Rage's Foothills Of Sayan

Dev comment: "Beautiful Siberian map, we really enjoyed various sceneries around this map. And custom sounds and 4K textures are a really nice touch".



FlamingYakuma's UniAIMOW - 4x4 Made in Sri Lanka

Dev comment: "A truck from Sri Lanka? Hell Yeah! Not sure if the armored vehicle is really needed in the peaceful world of Snowrunner, but still - it's really nice scout truck with an unusual appearance".


April 2021

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to all modders for sharing awesome mods with the community!

Your mod was not featured this month? Worry not, it might be rewarded next month.

Vehicle #1

Rng3r's RNG Zentos

Dev comment: "Another great mod from Rng3r with his signature crazy attention to detail. We love how it looks, how it drives, and how many great, useful and beautiful add-ons this mod has".


Vehicle #2

Kot76RSK's Mustang pak RSK

Dev comment: "Fantastic pack of authentic Russian trucks. As with the RNG Zentos mod, we really appreciate the variety of visual and functional customization options. You can pretty much tune these trucks to any playstyle you want".


Map Design

Remoh667's Aftershock

Dev comment: "We really love the focus on the exploration and storytelling in this map. It brings a truly new game experience to our game".


Map Environment

DerEggen's Weather Station 34

Dev comment: "Weather Station has a fascinating landscape unlike any other mod".



VladSib72's APC 6x6 Rhinoc

Dev comment: "This brutal military scout even has a v-plow to clean the roads. A true exploration beast".


March 2021

A huge congrats to the March 2021 winners! 🥳 We hope you enjoy your prize! The work we see from the modding community continues to be astounding, and we look forward to even more next month.

Vehicle #1

Poghrim, olesen & Gumides' MP500 Unipog

Dev Comment: A fine-tuned and well-balanced scout truck. The attention to detail in this mod is insane!


Vehicle #2

yansor's Zikz offroad pack

Dev Comment: Impressive pack of trucks that will cover all your SnowRunner needs. Lots of useful and highly detailed add-ons (including a huge crane! Yay!).


Map Design

_Romka _'s Test of strength

Dev Comment: A map with a very interesting and challenging concept: no garage, no refueling stations, no ability to evacuate vehicles. We really love the trial and error approach for this map design. To be honest, we didn't manage to complete it on the first try, but eventually, we did, and it was really fun. True hardcore the way that we love it.


Map Environment

Actionjackson@Modio's Red Canyon

Dev Comment: Do we really need to explain why this mod was chosen for this month's awards? Desert landscapes are simply astonishing. The exploration and building tasks are exciting and fun. We'd love to see more maps with unique settings like this in the future.



ronniesonchak's Mod Pack K-60 и K-62

Dev Comment: Who would have thought that a tractor would be so handy and useful in Snowrunner for both cargo delivery and rescue operations? Love it.


February 2021

Every month, the Snowrunner dev team puts their heads together and picks their favorite five mods. There's a lot to choose from, so there's a lot of fantastic work that isn't on this list, too. Discover everything available on!

Vehicle #1

ronniesonchak's Pack-Z-130 4x2, 4x4

Dev comment: Great pack of old-school Russian trucks with lots of addons. Super authentic.

Vehicle #2

TnB_invalidredneck's [IR] 1991 RedCharger

Dev comment: We had so much fun crawling over rocks with this scout. Good job!

Map Design

Remoh667's The Canadian Shield

Dev Comment: This region is huge! And we found the missions to be very fun to complete.

Map Environment

MADMartinQc's Canadian Runner 01 - The Town

Dev comment: One the most beautiful and detailed mod maps in our opinion.


568683991's juggernaut 5

Dev comment: Look at it! It's amazing. We love it. This is the way.

January 2021

We're super excited to reveal our first 'Dev Pick' winners for the monthly Snowrunner mod awards, where a team of our developers gets together to pick out their favorite mods for that month across 5 new Award categories!

Vehicle Model


Rng3r's RNG US-K23

Dev comment: It's just a great looking mod, and it feels right at home in our game.

Driving Experience


maxmike181's Hellion ISV

Dev comment: This vehicle is tuned perfectly, it's so much fun to play with.

Map Design


DerEggen's Meteor Region

Dev comment: Our absolute favorite modded region in terms of contracts and tasks.

Map Environment:


PierreLucSirois' AfterTheStorm 2

Dev Comment: A beautiful remake of an original Mudrunner mod



MADMartinQc's Stadium Super Truck

Dev comment: Would would have thought it? Co-op racing in SnowRunner is super fun.

December 2020 Winners

Hello SnowRunners!

As you all know, SnowRunner mods have now arrived on consoles! We're so excited about this huge step, and can't wait to see the scene grow even more as time goes on.

With the addition of console mods, we've added a separate category for mods that are on consoles, to make it fair, considering the higher subscriber numbers they receive. There are now a total of 12 winners across maps and vehicles, console and non-console mods. As we've mentioned previously, the way winners are picked is an evolving process, based on feedback and the current circumstances.

Back to the topic: The December winners of the Mod Creator Rewards. Let's get into it!


Top Mod Creator - Vehicle (public model)

TnB_Xofroggy for the mod Frog's Custom Crawler

Top Mod Creator - Vehicle (unique model)

Rng3r for the mod Z-4266 Offroad Truck - Crew Cab

Top Mod Creator - Maps

DevilDrivingHell for the mod Krawler Valley

PC Only

Top Mod Creator - Vehicle (public model)

k0les0 for the mod Mack Anthem Truck 2018

Top Mod Creator - Vehicle (unique model)

franklindiaz for the mod RSG Offroad 4Runner


Remoh667 for the mod The Canadian Shield

DirtyNomad for the mod Nomad 4x4 Crawler Country

Rising Stars - Vehicles

Public model TnB_invalidredneck for the mod [IR] 1979 Chevrolet K30

Unique model yansors for the mod Maz offroad pack

Rising Stars - Maps

1.TnB_Frank-the-tank for the mod The Truck Night In America Recreation

2.Watlimes211 for the mod West GA Mud Park (Remastered)

3.Aussiefoo for the mod Bad Dingo and Lake Shiatro Region

November 2020 Winners

Hello SnowRunners!

Today, we're excited to announce the winners of November's Mod Creator Reward! We see new mods created almost every day, so it's awesome to see newcomers and veterans alike in the winners list.

Top Mod Creators - Unique Vehicles

1. Rng3r for the mod Mercedes-Benz Zetros

Top Mod Creators - Public Vehicles

1. TnB_invalidredneck for the mod [IR] 1993 Dodge Ram Cummins

Top 3 Rising Stars - Unique Vehicles

1. franklindiaz for the mod RSG Offroad 4Runner

2. sovietunion3000 for the mod MAN SX44 6x6 (KAT)

3. yansors for the mod High saddle semitrailer pack

Top 3 Rising Stars - Public Vehicles

1. TnB_Xofroggy for the mod Frog's Custom Crawler

2. ronniesonchak for the mod Тракторы МТЗ-80 и МТЗ-82

3. k0les0 for the mod Volkswagen Atlas R-Line 2017

Top 3 Mod Creators - Maps

1. _Romka_ for the mod In the village

2. DerEggen for the mod 4x4 Trail Challenge 1

3. Watlimes211 for the mod Limes Mud Park

Top 3 Rising Stars - Maps

1. Remoh667 for the mod The Canadian Shield

2. DirtyNomad for the mod Nomad 4x4 Crawler Country

3. TnB_Frank-the-tank for the mod The Truck Night In America Region By Frank n' Lime

October 2020 Winners

Hello SnowRunners!

We have another list of fantastic mods to share with you all this month! As we announced a week ago, starting with these October winners, we're adding separate categories for both vehicles with unique models and those with publicly available ones.

As you know, the purpose of the reward is to celebrate modding overall, and that means being as inclusive as possible while still keeping the reward a significant achievement. We believe the new set of categories achieves this, and we will keep these rules for at least the near future.

Please join us in celebrating the winners!

Top Mod Creators - Unique Vehicles

1. mrShengo for the mod Ural-63095 ""Typhoon-U""

Top Mod Creators - Public Vehicles

1. TnB_invalidredneck for the mod [IR] 1993 Dodge Ram Cummins

Top 3 Rising Stars - Unique Vehicles

1. zidonCZ for the mod Land Rover series III. ""CAMEL TROPHY"" by zidon

2. Rng3r for the mod MTVR 4x4

3. franklindiaz for the mod Troller T4 2020 Ford

Top 3 Rising Stars - Public Vehicles

1. TnB_Xofroggy for the mod 2013 Toyota 4 Runner

2. PuppyMaster_aka_DW77 for the mod iX 0.65 ""Mini-Monster""

3. k0les0 for the mod Mack Anthem Truck 2018

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