Add mod support to your game with, a modern approach that gives you control and works on all platforms.

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For 15 years, we have been passionate supporters of modding. Big or small, mods allow us to personalize our favorite games, and experience the unbridled creativity that comes when millions of fans are given tools to experiment and explore. It's hard to question the benefit when modders have given rise to some of the most influential and successful games of the last decade, like PUBG, DotA and Counter-Strike.

Content is king

Today more games are released than ever before, many are free and competition is fierce. So much choice, fleeting attention spans and an expectation that everything be immediate, has eliminated many traditional ways of building goodwill. Content is key, but creating everything in-house is slow, expensive, not scalable and barely scratches the surface of what is possible. A better approach is required, and modding enables you to harness the passion and creativity of your player base, in a way that benefits you, your creators and customers in perpetuity.

Embrace modding

Traditionally mods have had to be manually downloaded and installed, which marginalized their use and made it hard to measure the impact they have on a game's popularity and success. Steam Workshop changed this in a brilliant way by providing a standardized mod API and platform, which proved consumers overwhelming demand and interest in trading and playing mods. With we aim to push modding further, by providing a service that works across all stores and platforms (perfect for games which don't have access to Steam Workshop or are DRM free). So much can be achieved when you empower your players, and great content gives them a reason to keep coming back, and to bring friends with them.

What we've built is a drop-in modding solution, that facilitates the upload, search, browsing, downloading and trading of mods in-game. No external clients or installs are required. It combines our years of experience working with the mod community through, and is the most feature rich mod platform available, built with ease-of-use and flexibility in mind. If you plan on growing your game by embracing mods we are here to help, and aim to eliminate the complexity of building a solution yourself. Key features include:

  • Customize your domain, logo, colors and layout to perfectly match your game and make feel like part of the family.
  • Login in-game is done via email, so as Slack, Discord and others pioneered, it is easy and quick.
  • Implementation can be done via our API, SDK or pre-built engine plugins.
  • You control the business rules and content, such as patrons to make mods apart of your game's success.
  • You can even use as your mod community, and without engineering work support mods the traditional download/install way.
  • is compatible with other modding platforms and communities - we encourage sharing and strive to build the biggest modding ecosystem we can for you.
  • We collate detailed statistics - to give you an accurate view of the impact modding is having on your game's success.

Getting started

We aim to make modding accessible, from our ready-to-go web platform to powerful API. allows you to focus on creating great games while tapping into the power of mods to significantly grow revenue, engagement, and longevity. If you'd like to learn more about us or discuss your requirements, please reach out. Or if you are ready to go, follow these steps:

  1. Create your games profile.
  2. Read our getting started guide.
  3. Implement our API, SDK or pre-built engine plugins.
  4. We will reach out to discuss launch promotion.
  5. Go live and enjoy the power and goodwill modding creates!


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