Investment for games with mod support

Our friends at ModDB and IndieDB have recently announced the launch of Modularity, a publisher focused on investing in games that support mods through

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On the 17th of January DBolical announced the launch of Modularity, a publisher that invests in games with mod support "We invest in games that are inspired by mods, created by modders or have mod support - Modularity". The timing coincides with the launch of their first game Meeple Station, a highly moddable space station building simulator, inspired by deep and creative simulations like RimWorld and Dwarf Fortress. Meeple Station lets you build and manage a habitat for your meeples, all while surviving the dangers of deep space like meteors, pirates, and deadly alien encounters.

We have worked extremely closely with the Meeple Station team, it is the first game to use our (soon to launch) Unity Plugin, to power its mod support in-game. We believe the Unity Plugin will be a game-changer for developers that want to tap into the creativity and growth that mods can bring, because it takes less than a couple of hours to get up and running (once you have added your game and got your API key), and has an incredibly powerful UI built-in for your players to browse, install and manage their mod collection. We look forward to submitting it to the Unity Asset Store, but if you cannot wait it is available now here and on Github.

If you're a developer who has found their start in the mod scene, is working on a game with strong mod support, or is inspired by other mod success stories, get in touch with Modularity and with their support and's technology, we will help you realise your modding-powered vision.


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