Join us at Game Stack Live this April 20-21st and discovery the future of UGC

We're heading to Game Stack Live, a two-day digital event that focuses on all things game development. Join us at our booth to learn more about how supporting mods and user-generated content can help grow your creator community in-game and out.

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We're heading to Microsoft's Game Stack Live, a new digital event that focuses on video game development. It's a fantastic opportunity to connect with other industry experts, meet with partners showcasing tools and middleware, or join in various technical workshops and community events with Xbox employees.

We'll be hosting our very own booth at the event, where you can connect with us and chat about the future of modding and user-generated content. Throughout the entire event, we'll be on hand to talk about cross-platform modding and UGC support and how solves the sharing, discovery, and moderation of user-generated content, helping studios grow their creator community in-game and out. We are live in over 55 games and serve millions of mod installs monthly.

Join us at our booth to discover more about;

  • Cross-platform support from the only UGC service that is live and used by games on all platforms
  • Making UGC accessible everywhere with our API that enables you to build discord bots, twitch plugins, fansites or internal tools. Don't limit your community to in-game; engage offline as well
  • Using Analytics to track what's trending, who your top creators are, and how many players engage with UGC daily to better understand and optimize your creator economy
  • Easy Integration using our ready-made developer tools for UE4, Unity and SDKs for custom engines. Our documentation has been called "a joy" to use, and our integration team is available to work alongside yours

So why not join us, and learn more about how works, the goodwill and engagement we've seen UGC drive for our gaming partners on console and PC, and the innovation we're working on in this space? In addition to our booth, Game Stack Live will feature many companies providing developer tools and middleware, from graphics and audio solutions to multiplayer platforms and systems.

Game Stack Live gets underway at 8 pm PDT on April 20th - click here and register now for your free tickets!


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