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Invite the official ModBot to your Discord server, and be notified when mods for your favorite games are updated.

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When we created, we wanted to build a platform as modular as the games we support. Our dream is for anyone to be able to build bots, communities and launchers which use the API to grow the ecosystem and make modding more accessible for everyone. Unlike other platforms which offer mod SDKs that are accessible only when their client is running, the API can be accessed anywhere you have an internet connection.

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Open API

This opens the door to some really cool possibilities, which we hope to see more of in the coming years such as:

  • Reckon you can build a better homepage or mod community than us? Go for it, build a mod fansite for your favorite games using the API
  • Wish there was a launcher or installer for mods, or even a mobile app? You can build that too
  • Create a forum or chat bot and plug directly into your community
  • Write wrappers, plugins and SDKs for your favorite languages and engines


Here are some examples of cool things our community are building:

  • This discord bot was written by gonzo (gonzo has also written a Rust wrapper and command line tool for interacting with
  • A Python wrapper has been created by Necro
  • Other community members are working on a C# SDK and Unreal Engine 4 mod cooker
  • We are building a web app which is less than 100kb and can be embedded as easily as a Youtube video
  • Get your API key and get started building your own things

When a game starts using, they should be able to embed a mod browser into their official homepage and discord channel to connect their communities, so it's fantastic to be able to introduce one piece of this puzzle today, ModBot 🤖.


ModBot is a Discord bot for written in Rust using modio-rs and serenity. You can invite the officially hosted ModBot to join your Discord server using the following URL, or you can build and install your own version of ModBot by following the instructions on the Github page.

modbot light

Quick Start

Getting the ModBot up and running takes minutes:

  1. Invite ModBot to your Discord server
  2. Set the default game using ~game ID
  3. In the channel(s) you want the bot to post updates (mod added / edited), run the command ~subscribe ID
  4. Ensure the bot has Read Messages, Send Messages and Embed Links permissions in the channel(s) it is in to be able to function correctly
  5. All done, the bot will keep you updated and is there to query the API.

If you followed the steps above, your Discord community will be able to query mods for the default game, and each channel you subscribed to updates in will receive a push notification each time a mod is added or edited. For example in our #modbot channel we subscribe to every game on so our Discord community continually gets updated.


By default ~ is the prefix used to issue commands to ModBot. Popular commands include:

  • ~help show these commands
  • ~prefix CHARACTER change the default prefix from ~ to something else
  • ~game ID|Name set the default game
  • ~game return information about the default game
  • ~games return a list of all games
  • ~mod ID|Name return information about the mod(s) requested
  • ~mods return a list of all mods belonging to the default game
  • ~popular return a list of mods ordered by popularity
  • ~subscribe ID|Name subscribe to a game for updates (mods added/edited)
  • ~subscriptions see all games subscribed too
  • ~unsubscribe ID|Name unsubscribe from a game

Join us on Discord if you'd like to learn more, and tell us about cool tools you are building or using.


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