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Integrating mod.io on Haxe games should be easier now with this SDK wrapper.

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Last couple of weeks I've been working on a mod.io SDK Haxe wrapper to be integrated on Aground, a survival game built on OpenFL. However, this work can be used on a variety of Haxe game engines. In this article I'm going to explain how it can be integrated on games and modding tools.

Download, building and integration

You can download the precompiled binaries and then follow the installation guide. So far it has been tested on OpenFL only, but it should work on other Haxe game engines such as Kha, awe6 or Heaps.


If you are using OpenFL you can follow the OpenFL instalation guide and examples on this repo.

In the example, you can login by providing your email and security code sent to your email.

Once you are logged in, automatic downloads will occur. Downloads will start when you subscribe to a mod from the mod.io web, api or wrapper.

What's next?

So far, mod browsing, download and uploads has been added to the wrapper. There's still some functionality that has not been wrapped yet, however I think the fundamentals are there. That's why I'm going to shift my attention to doing a series of generic plug and play examples for OpenFL, starting with an extendable mod browsing class.

By using the mod browser, the user will be able to manage and discover new mods in-game.

This was able to be accomplished with the help of David Maletz and his useful guidance.


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INtense! @intense

Great work david_maletz and turupawn! Now to speak with the Haxe and OpenFL game development communities and get more integration in place.