Python integration

Using with Python should be easier, thanks to this community created API wrapper.

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When we first created, we wanted our platform to be as moddable as the games we represent. That meant creating an API that anyone can access, to build their own wrappers, websites, applications and games. Because our service is not tied to a launcher, platform or store, the strength of this approach is it allows our partners as well as our community to get creative. For example if you wanted to bypass the site and build your own community you can do that, and in this case a user by the name of officialNecro has wrapped our API to make it easier for Python developers to use.

Using the wrapper

You can find the wrapper on Github via the links above, as well as documentation and example code. The wrapper also has an asynchronous version available.


Community spotlight

The creator officialNecro has been an active member of the community since the beginning and on as well. You can find him on our Discord Necro#6714 and he welcomes any and all feedback.


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