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Games released using the Oculus SDK can now authenticate instantly with mod.io, using our latest 3rd party auth flow.

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Enabling modding in more places is our #1 goal at mod.io on our journey to becoming a store and platform agnostic modding service, so the opportunity to work with a number of VR games is an exciting step forward in our development, since most VR games release on Steam, Oculus, Viveport and other stores. Even more exciting is mod.io's compatibility with the Quest (as demonstrated by Swords of Gargantua) which shows that mods can also be supported on the Android operating system and are no longer tied to the PC.

Swords of Gargantua a VR game using mod.io to support mods on Steam, Oculus and the Vive

VR however represents a unique challenge, where frictionless UI's and integrations are important, so in order to help games released on the Oculus store use mod.io - we have added support for the Oculus SDK authentication process.

It works very similarly to the Steam and GOG authentication flows. To setup you need to provide your Oculus games app ID and secret in your games control panel (see screenshot below), which unfortunately is different for the Rift and Quest.

oculus auth

Once you have done that, you can test your setup by providing the data required by the API to process the authentication. Essentially you need to provide the nonce by calling ovr_User_GetUserProof(), the Oculus user_id by calling ovr_GetLoggedInUserID() and the access_token, providing by calling ovr_User_GetAccessToken() from the Oculus SDK.

Be aware that the first time you do this flow (or at least once), WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND you prompt the user for their email address and provide it as part of the request if the user chooses to provide it. The reason why we recommend this, is because unlike Steam, GOG and most authentication systems, Oculus returns a different user_id per app, which means it's impossible for this user to login to their mod.io profile outside of your game since their profile is entirely anonymous otherwise.

Contractors VR, a multiplayer VR shooter adopted mod.io, and the implementation was loved by the players

It's an exciting time for VR, with Valve's Alyx also introducing mod support, so we are delighted to be helping to push the medium and creativity forward by opening the doors to modders. If you want to enable immediate and secure authentication for your players using mod.io, reach out to our team today to see how we can accommodate your authentication flow. Support for more stores is actively being worked on and will also be added on request. Thanks for reading.


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