Poll: what mod features matter?

We're interested to learn from game developers what features you want a mod platform like mod.io to provide your game and creator community.

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Our singular purpose at mod.io is to provide the industries best mod platform. Whether you are a AAA studio who wants a whitelabel solution you can deploy for your games, or you are an indie developer who wants a solution that can grow with your game and keep your community united across all platforms - it's our aim is to provide that service.

We're continually working on new features in response to what's important to our developer community, and the purpose of this poll is to allow you to pick all of the items that matter or are interesting to you (ideally don't pick them all!) As we build out our product roadmap and share our progress, we intend to refer to this list and let it guide some of our high-level decisions.

If there is a feature we have missed or you have a question about, you can leave your suggestion in the comments or can reach us on email and discord. Thanks for your input!


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