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Are you using the mod.io API and want to quickly locate the profile of a piece of content but only have it's ID? We've built a tool to make finding that ID easy!

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If you are using the mod.io API, you are likely querying and debugging games, mods, files and other content by id. Finding those ids on the web can be a pain because our URLs are descriptive, there is no easy way to load the contents profile without knowing it's full URL. Today we are changing that by adding a helper URL that redirects ids to its contents URL on the web.

The URL structure to lookup an id is as follows:


SITEAREA can be any of the following:

  • games
  • mods
  • files
  • articles
  • members

ID is the id of the content you want to locate. For example game 77 on mod.io is Meeple Station. I can load Meeple Station via the following URL:


NOTE: This shortcut should only be used for quick translation of IDs. You should always link to the real URL for content if you can, to save a redirect.

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I hope this simple tool helps save you some time!


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