SDK contribution guide

Learn how to build and contribute to the SDK.

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The SDK is open sourced and MIT licensed so it can be used by all games, commercial, open or closed source. This guide is intended for developers willing to contribute to the SDK.


You can easily compile in your platform of choice by using CMake. For instructions visit our building documentation. dependencies are Curl and Zlib, both are available on Linux repositories and on OSX by default, for Windows we provide the binaries under the lib/ directory. You can also compile them yourself by following Dependencies Compilation Guide but it isn't necessary because of what was previously stated.

sdk requirements diagram


Everyone is welcome to contribute in the official SDK repository, to do so first do a fork and then a pull request to the SDK repository. Before doing that please check if there isn't already any Pull Request doing the same thing, additionally you can see our roadmap and progress in our Github's project page. In any case, you can always find us in the #SDK channel on discord server for any comment or question:


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