SnowRunner is live!

SnowRunner launches today on the Epic Games Store with mod support powered by, and console mod support to follow down the road.


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SnowRunner has just launched on PS4, Xbox One, and PC with exciting plans for modding. The extreme driving simulation brings even more depth and challenge to the Spintires: MudRunner franchise and has been getting some pretty favourable reviews, check out the trailer below.

The SnowRunner team want modding to be a key part of the game, and so they are taking a multi-step approach. Right now modding is available on PC, with a cash prize pool for the best mods starting in May or June. In the future they’ll be using the power of’s cross-platform mod API to extend modding to console, creating a single modding community. Modding has been built in from the start with some great mods created in the closed-beta testing:

How to install mods

  • After launching SnowRunner and going to the mods section, you'll be prompted to create your account via the in-game UI.
  • You'll then be directed to the page.
  • There, you can browse the selection of mods by category such as popularity, rating, and type. More categories will be added in the future.
  • Having selected a mod, click on subscribe, and it will be installed the next time you launch SnowRunner, provided you are logged into the same account in-game.
  • In-game you can manage which mods you have active.

How to submit mods

  • Log in and click the “add mod” button on the SnowRunner page.
  • You can select its visibility (private or public), tags, include an image, and give a description of your mod.
  • Remember to follow the terms of use set out here.
  • Overall, no racist, xenophobic, homophobic or otherwise prejudiced remarks, personal abuse, libel, NSFW content, and excessive swearing. This list is not exhaustive.

Modder rewards

  • Based on mod popularity, a number of modders will receive a portion of money from a combined pool.
  • To start with, this pool will be €3000/ $3,252 per month. This will start in May or June.
  • Modders will be selected based on various criteria that take into account the popularity of established and new modders separately. This is to encourage a good balance between improving existing mods, and adding new mods.
  • Some eligibility criteria may apply, which may mean not everyone can receive rewards, and the winners will be responsible for paying any fees and taxes as applicable to receive the funds.

Types of mods

  • At launch, you will be able to mod vehicles, their look and shape, etc.
  • Shortly after launch, we will start introducing new kinds of modding functionality, such as maps, missions, and interior customization!

With almost 5000 mods already created for MudRunner, we know just how much creativity, passion, and know-how exists in this community, so we can't wait to see what will be created for SnowRunner with the tools provided. We'll keep sharing more info about the further additions and improvements to the mod tools as things take shape.

You can grab the game from Epic Games Store, and check out the latest mods on


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DreamStoner420 @dreamstoner420

When do you think we will be seeing mods coming to console?

moparman82796 @moparman82796

The one mod I want more than anything else is a Ram Power Wagon. Would be absolutely amazing to get a 2014-2016 as my truck irl is a 2015, however I'd take anything from 2005-current lol

mylescordy150 @mylescordy150

Who do we get in contact with to possibly make a mod ? Would love there to be ww2 tanks like the sherman tiger or T34 they would be awesome for scouting and towing

firefang1861 @firefang1861

I need help when I try to switch maps except Alaska it crashes so i have to to all the work to get the garage in Michigan and go to Alaska so I can play that only way I can play and i contacted the support like 10 time and it ben like two weeks

ghostkilla2626 @ghostkilla2626

i cant play multiplayer with mod?

citron38bfi @citron38bfi

bonjour j aurai besoins d aide je n arrive pas a faire fonctionné les mods il me dise de connecté mon jeu a j ai créé un conte mais comment connecté avec le jeu quand je clic sur mod je vois pas ces dernier ?

Takticalpotato @takticalpotato

Looking for someone to creat some Jeep mods. 2 Dr Cherokee, 4 Dr Cherokee , Grand Cherokee, Comanche, all that good stuff ! Thank you !

sasha-kera @sasha-kera

why I enter my email in SnowRunner, and it say "authorization error"?