Snowrunner modding trailer

Snowrunner official modding trailer now live. Shows how to install mods and showcases some amazing creators.

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SnowRunner modding has exploded in the few short weeks since launch, with over 250,000 subscribers and 500,000 mods downloaded. Hundreds of mods are available at from with many more in the works. Snowrunner are highlighting modding with the release of their trailer showing just how easy it is to find and install mods.

The trailer showcases some seriously useful mods and some that are just for fun, with shout outs to the creators involved.

snowrunnerm134 snowrunner spider

We're blown away by how the Snowrunner modding community has taken off. Thanks to Focus Home Interactive for putting the trailer together. If you don't have a copy yet you can pick up the PC version from Epic Game Store. At we're also excited by the by the devs indicating that modding for consoles is all part of the plan!


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