Steam & GOG auth

Starting with Steam and GOG, now supports instant authentication for your players on these platforms with more to come.

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As a business with a singular focus and passion for modding, we aim to make it easy for you to support mods, to make it rewarding for your creators by encouraging community collaboration, and to make mods a big driver of your games success by building the best and most accessible end user-experience.

Authentication has always been a key challenge, because we need the "mod subscription" flow to be as quick and immediate as possible, without requiring a user to "create an account". Inspired by Slack, the first solution we offer requires only an email to authenticate a user and works very well. However it quickly became clear that we can go a step further and do away with the login process altogether, by authenticating users using the method the game has already implemented.


Today we are proud to announce that we can now officially support 3rd party authentication, and have added Steam and GOG to our API, SDK and Unity Plugin. By supporting additional methods of authentication, we aim to make modding as accessible as possible across all platforms and stores your game is shipped on. The first game to use this functionality is Foundation which is available to purchase on Steam and GOG. We intend to continue adding authentication methods from popular stores such as Discord, Epic Games Store, Playstation, Xbox and others over time.

If you want to enable immediate and secure authentication for your players using, reach out to our team today to see how we can accommodate your authentication flow. Support for more stores will be added on request. For our licensed white label mod solution partners, we can now offer you all the benefits building an in-house solution would provide, but without the time, complexity or cost of having to create and maintain another non-core service.


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