TABS battle creator beta!

Fighters, ready your sword because Totally Accurate Battle Simulator has launched on and you've got a ton of battles to partake in!

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7 days ago Totally Accurate Battle Simulator added to their opt-in beta (they are using our Unity Plugin). Players who join in can now create and share battles and campaigns for other fighters to attempt. Here's how the editor interface looks in-game.

Since then the response has been nothing short of incredible, with over 1,000 items added daily to All-in-all 7,500 mods have been submitted so far and downloaded over 125,000 times, and is showing no signs of slowing down. Massive thanks must be extended to the Landfall team and philip in particular, who spent the time integrating support, and Melodatron from the team, who took on timezones from Sweden (which is a long way away from Australia), to ensure a smooth launch. It's been a wild ride, battles have been waged and with the unit creator still in development, it's fair to say the best is still to come. But for now here is a selection of some of our favorite historically accurate battles to play ;)

You can buy Totally Accurate Battle Simulator on Steam and join in on the fun! See you on the battlefield soldier.


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