Test environment live

Our test environment is up and running, allowing you to debug your usage before going live on the mod.io platform.

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We're super excited to announce the mod.io test environment is now live (available via the URL test.mod.io vs production which mod.io). It's a great place to learn the API in private and do as much testing as you like. When you are ready to move to the production environment, make sure your profile(s) are added, swap the test URL for the production URL, and you will be up and running.

The test environment is functionally identical to production, except it uses a different database, so data added to it will not show up in production and vice versa. You can find documentation and details at the following URLs:

NOTE: We periodically reset the test environment to default - with the exception of user accounts so please do not rely on it to store important information. Any data you intend on peristing should be submitted to the production environment.


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