Uptime & Transparency

Introducing a public status page that monitors our availability and growth.

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Every day we are powering more mod installs for games. It's exciting to be able to say that the 1,000,000 mod was installed by mod.io yesterday! As a platform that values transparency and open source ideology, rather than hide our progress we have started sharing key metrics, such as our uptime and usage trends. We hope this will give our partners great confidence in our ability to scale and run the best mod platform on the market.

Using 3rd party tools provided by Pingdom and Github, our status page pulls data daily and will turn green if our uptime is 100%, orange if we have experienced an outage, and red if the site is currently down. We're not perfect, but we are going to work hard to maintain a green record, and will continue to add relevant metrics as they become available.

If you are interested in using mod.io to power your mod community, our platform is free, has a featureset comparable to Steam Workshop but with the added benefit of cross-platform compatibility and setup takes minutes so it is easy to try us out obligation free. Reach out if you'd like a custom solution or have any questions for our team.


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