Mods on XBOX

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About a year ago Microsoft brought mods to XBOX officially by deploying them via the Minecraft Marketplace. It was a great development for modders and players, and it sounds like they are close to opening this functionality up for more games as reported by some sites (source: GameFront).

This is very interesting to me because one of our biggest goals is bringing mods to consoles and mobile in a unified manner. I'm keen to hear what peoples thoughts are? Do you think a unified approach like ours is best, or a system by system approach like Workshop on PC, and Marketplace on XBOX? What will you be using.

I'm also interested to see what level of power Microsoft give game developers as traditionally consoles have been very controlled experiences. Even the Minecraft Marketplace doesn't feel like a true mod platform as it seems to only house the very best content from the community and as a result have only a small fraction of the mods made for Minecraft available.

Either way it's great for adoption, modding and us so i'm keen to see if the rumours are true and what they launch with.