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Follow the steps above to get started and open your game to a world of developers. You will need to complete the required steps Tags and Options, before you can go live.

A private test environment is available if you wish to test your integration there first.

You can see a preview of the header logo on the top of all pages:

  • Use light colors that work on a dark background
  • Transparent PNG recommended
  • 400x100 or larger recommended
  • 256kb maximum
  • GIFs will be converted to PNG

You can see a preview of the icon in the left menu:

  • Use colors that work on a colorful background
  • Transparent PNG recommended
  • 64x64 or larger
  • 1mb maximum
  • GIFs will be converted to PNG

Link to a guide, your modding wiki or a page where modders can learn how to make and submit mods to your games profile.

Enter URLs to your games communities, social and store pages (Steam, EGS, Xbox, Playstation, Switch, Discord, Facebook, Twitter etc).

What word do you use to describe user-generated content made for your game?

Letter and numbers only, keep it short and memorable.

Tell us about your games mod support in 1 paragraph (this is for players and mod creators):

  • 250 characters limit (20 characters minimum)

Instructions to activate your account and game will be sent here.