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Chimz76 Comments


The name and pictures drew me in to play. However I did not find myself enjoying the map.

The art was disappointing. The same texture over and over and over. And not even a good texture! Especially the doors. Even when the textures changed they still didn't look good.

The lighting was non-existence. This map has a little horror theme to it; "What is all this meat made of? Why are there so many people with chainsaws? Is this human meat?!" The theme was good and strong to build on, but the fact that there was almost no shadows or light work made it really dull.
Adding darkness to this maps, illuminating different sections with different amounts of light would have made it look and feel MUCH better!

The choice of weapons was bad. Every weapon was a Hard Hitting weapon. Something that you'd use to kill sponge enemies, but not weak enemies. What's the problem then? There are weak enemies, and seeing as how ammo was scarce most times (at Cero Miedo), wasting a 2 shotgun shells for a Marine felt like a waste, and trying to kill them with sickles meant you might get shot.

Oh, and for the enemies, I wish you had used more. Maybe make some meat pits and throw some cows (Black Phillips) into them. Or use Wendigos or even better, use some Horrors (pink humanoid enemies who spit acid) in some sections as if they are the people that are going to be slaughtered. Seriously, there is much potential in the theme, so few enemies make it feel repetitive. And having scarecrows here didn't make much sense.

The feel and structure of the levels was...I think they were good if access to some other weapons (like the Machinegun) was given. But with the current weapons, I found myself door peaking and back-stepping a lot to avoid getting hit, seeing as how there wasn't much room to maneuver and very little cover.

Overall I can't really recommend your map.
Do I feel like it can become something great? Yes.
There is something special here; a great Theme, and It can be executed much better by you.
If the above factors are considered and the map is reworked with some big changes here and there, it can be pretty awesome. And I would definitely replay it if it ever gets reworked,

I hope you can rework this into the masterpiece it can be and wish you luck and a smooth development.


I recommend this map to whoever is reading this

The visuals were good. Keeping in with Dusk simplicity and minimalism, but still detailed enough to look real and not just an empty room.
And the gameplay was terrific! I was maybe 2-3 minutes into the map I thought to myself "Oh yeah, the designer knew what he was doing, and he has done it terrifically!".

Gameplay was great. The level had a good flow to it, pacing was great (although I did find myself stuck trying to find the last door, maybe make a hint?)
Enemy placement was good
Difficulty was balanced throughout
Item pickups were enough and well placed
Included both big secrets and minor secrets
The selection of arsenal was good, the guns were the usual FPS workhorses, but were still fun to use and complemented each other, and the map was designed around them.

Overall, the map was great! Actual thought, testing and balancing was put towards this and I can't tell you how rare that is for level designers these days (in any game!).

A serious improvement from your last map! Have a thumbs up!


I found the looks level to be charming. The Blocked level design, the textures and etc. The level reminded me of Doom too!

However I strongly suggest you work on the gameplay!
There is NO AMMO! None!
I feel like you tried to stick to the original map from ROTT but I gotta tell ya, 1:1 port of maps is not interesting. If in another game there is little ammo given, it's because of the Mechanics of THAT game.
If you port a level from one game to another, you must balance it (enemies, pickups, weapons and etc) based on the LATTER Game's Mechanics.

From the first minute I found myself low on ammo. Half the enemies I killed were with Sickles.
And for the second half of the map, I bunny hopped my way forward, smashing into walls and doors just to get to the end. Why? Because I had no ammo, and the amount of enemies in each room was 5+ so I could not even try to sickle them.

I don't think you'd want your map to be Skipped by the player like this.
The look and feel of the map is great, but if you want people to actually enjoy your map, I strongly recommend you go back and redo all the pickups and enemy encounters. Make the enemy types diverse, select positions for Weapon pickups and give more than 3 guns to the play, playtest and see how much ammo and health you should put and where you should put it.

An Auto-Generated map may be good in looking exactly the same as the source, but it does NOT play well.

I'll come back and play this map again if you ever fix it. Good luck!


The visuals and art looked great. Areas looked real and alive.
However I didn't find the gameplay to be much fun.

Ammo was scarce (to an extent). You always had to keep an eye on your ammo, not because you might run out of ammo for your favorite gun, but because you could actually run dry for everything! Few health pickups also meant I had to save scum a few areas to retain enough health.

Few available guns made it a challenge, it was a good selection. One type of gun for each situation, however I found that the x2 Fire Speed power up was useless here. That powerup is good when used with Leveler Shotguns, Machinegun or Pistols. The first two are not available, and using Pistols against a swarm of enemies, many of which who are tough is not ideal. Using them resulted in death.

The number of enemies that swarmed you in the Arenas was a bit too much. Mainly because cover was little to break line of sight. If the areas could get some addons or a rework, or the enemies come in waves, that would be much better.

Overall, looks and feel of the map were great, limiting the number of weapons the player has was interesting, however the map could really use a balance for item pickups and Arena Encounters.