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Yes, but one of my machines is still running Sandstorm 1.10- Ive disabled automatic updates (Thank goodness). Ill be playing on that old version till bFindCover is fixed.

But I need the v2.8.0 .json for it to work. I haven't been able to run v2.90 on that older version


IDK if you could share the .json file for v2.8.0 and below. I have an non updated version that needs it. I cant honestly stand 1.11 with the bFindcover broken.

I would really appreciate your help. This mod is way way too good. At least until they fix v1.11 ( If they ever)


For some reason, ever since update 1.11, Bots are no longer taking or seeking cover in this mod.

They all just bunch up together and run in a straight line - Despite bFindCover being set to True and the covertick set to 10 sec.

Before the update, bots would strategically move from cover to cover, making killing them challenging.

Now they just run up to an objective in a neat line and they are gunned down in a flash.

I've also noticed far less camping than before. Previously, bots would always sit in strategic corners making building clearing so hard, it was almost like PvP.

Please fix this, Bots feel crappy these days.