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This is gonna be a negative feedback. Well. I like this mod, but i hate how It's very heavy reliant on manufacture.
What i am playing? Factorio or X-com, damn it.
The ammount of stuff you have to produce to properly equip your squad is rediculous. Squadwipe? Yep, you got to remake everything, even if you had reserves. Dropship shot down? Yep. Rebuid the ship and rebuid all the equipment. An explosion inside your craft? Same. Techological advance? Same untill you get sonic weapons. Run out of ammo? Yep.
It's just a chore to manufacture EVERY damn THING. Everything that you can buy just gets outdated expect for a few specific items.
I have completed Hardmode expansion and i nowhere near have i experienced such need to produce everything.
I do like the idea of manufacturing proximity granades, i'll give you that, since they are OP and it's a good semi-fix to them. But ,overall, vanilla TFFD weapons should be able to be bought once unlocked, in my opinion.
Btw granade are OP. You know how streamers play your mod? They just turn on Instant granades, and spam those Magna-Blast Grenades. At first i thought they are abusing those granades. But nope, they are just lazy to manufacture stuff. It's just easier to buy those.
Btw #2. One streamer had alien base spawn near his base. Now he triggers alien fighters every day and farms them, getting 1 million each day.