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Shaddis Comments


Mod is working with eco 8.3. Only 1 unit will get power from the core throught the conduit line. ie. You build core run conduit build connector run more conduit build another connector. Only the first unit in the line will receive power. The unit at the end of the line will always say no power if both connected. I notice that the core also acts as a accessor with the only difference being that the core provides power to the conduit which sends power through the conduit to the unit connected to it. Maybe you could do away with the core, and make the accessor and connector use grid power ? Maybe also make the conduit block look and act like a wall block, but with the conduit strip in the block ? Would love to build walls with conduit blocks instead of having them running outside of the building making rooms no longer usable because of holes in the wall.
Anyways, good job !


So how long does it take for mod updates to happen ? Really like what I see on this mod and would like to try it out, but current version crashes server.


It would seem that no mods are working at the monment. After trying 4 times of installing mod, server crash, delete reinstall, I gave up.